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Nokia :-
This is the best software, you can install,essely. Supported of Symbian ,Anna,Belle....
Blackberry :-
This is the most complete software for spying blackberry phones, all latest BB models are supported.....
Android :-
Blackberry Spy
Software server edition
offers, Android phone
for life time....
Iphone :-
This is the most
complete software for
spying iPhones, all
latest iPhone models
are supported....

Thespyphones Software Features :-

Nokia Spy Software Features:-

• Interceptor - Listen to both sides of a call in progress, intercept(eavesdrop)call in real time from target phone.
• GPS Location - Track via GPS location (Latitude-longitude).
• Spyphone - Listen to surrounding vicinity of the handset.
• Cell Tower Location - Receive an SMS location of the handset to the nearest phone cell.
• Text Alert - Receive an SMS notification when TP connects to an incoming/outgoing call.
• Video Spying - Make spy video calls (supported on 3G networks).
• Text Forward - Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing text messages.
• e-mail notifications - Receive emails containing SMS, call log, contact list and conversations.
• Contact List - Control remotely the contact list and secretly receive the contact list to your email.
• Call Recording - Record incoming/outgoing calls and receive recordings directly to your specified email address.
• Fake SMS - Send fake SMS.
• SMS Alerts - See all received, dialled and missed calls.
• Status Report - Receive notifications of the software operating status.
• View: Call logs, emails, SMS messages.
• SIM change notification.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Real time Call alert with Positioning.
• Reboot (phone / software) remotely by sms.
• Full remote control.
• Control remotely the contact list.
• Completely hidden software.

Compatible Models -

All latest Nokia phones having OS:  Anna, Belle, Symbian^3, S60V5, S60V3  supported.
Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 701, Nokia 801T, Nokia 500, Nokia 702T, T7-00, Nokia Oro, E6-00, X7-00, C7 Astound, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, N8-00, Nokia C5-05, C5-06, C5-00 5MP, C5-04, C5-03, C6, X5, X6, N8 18Gb, N81, N77, N97, N79, N85, N78, N96, N82, N95 8Gb, N76, N93i, N75, N95, N71, N93, N73, N72, N92, N90, N70, N77, N80, N81, N81 8gb, N82, N85, N86, N91, N95, N95 8gb, N96, N86 8Mp, N80, E66, E61, E50, E51, E55, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E63, E65, E70, E71, E51, E90, E72, E75, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6290, 6124, 6124c, 6210 Navigator, 6620 Classic, 6290, 6720, 6710,5730 E.M, 6710 Navigator, 6720 E.M, 5630 E.M, 5800 E.m, 6682, 6681, 6680, 3230, 6670, 7610, 6630, 6260, N-Gage QD, N-Gage, 6620, 6600, 3660, 3620, 3600, 3650, 7650, 3250, 5500, 5700, 5630, 6760 Slide, 6110 Navigator, 6210 navigator, 5530, 5230, 3250, 5320 E.M, 6220 Classic.

Blackberry Spy Software Features:-

• Listen to surrounding vicinity of the handset.
• Listen to both sides of a call in progress, intercept(eavesdrop)call in real time from target phone.
• Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing text messages.
• Control your Blackberry; Control remotely SMS, calls etc.
• Receive SMS notifications when sim is changed in target phone.
• Covers all GSM networks worlwise.
• Receive an SMS notification when TP connects to an incoming/outgoing call.
• Remotely activate and de-activate.
• No logging of forwarded texts messages.
• No logging of PDN number.
• Completely hidden software in mobile.
• Bullet proof reliability, 100% undetectable.
• License valid for lifetime.

Compatible Models -

OS versions supported 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1
BlackBerry Curve 8520, Curve-8900, pearl-9100, Storm 2-9550, Torch-9810, Torch-9860, Tour-9630, 9500-storm2, 9530, Bold-9000, Bold 9700, Bold-9780, Bold-9790,Bold-touch-9900, Curve 3g-9300, Curve 9370, Curve3g-9330, Curve 8330, Curve 8530, Curve 9350, Curve 9380, Pearl 3g-9105, Pearl-flip-8220, porsche-p9981, 9670, Torch-9800, Curve 9360, 8330, Torch-9850, Volt.

Iphone Spy Software Features:-

• GPS tracking (Delivered by SMS)
• Read Sms In & Out (Delivered by Gmail)
• Know Location Info (Delivered by SMS)
• Sim Change Alert
• Phone Status Report
• Receive both incoming and outgoing text messages (Delivered by Gmail)
• Dial in and listen to surrounding vicinity
• Immediate text notifications when the target phone receives an incoming call
• Text notification shows landline, mobile or international number being called (Delivered by Gmail)
• Covers all GSM coverage
• Change pre-defined number on SMS command
• Change stealth mode on SMS command
• Remote activation and de-activation of Text Interception feature on SMS command
• No logging of forwarded texts
• No logging of pre-defined number
• Completely hidden software
• Future proof technology

Compatible Models -

Iphone with OS versions supported iOS 4, 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3
Note:- iphone must be JAILBreak.


Android Spy Software Features:-

• SMS incoming and outgoing
• Location GPS and Cellid
• Call logs Incoming, outgoing and missed calls
• Spycall- Listen live conversation
• Contacts List and updates
• Mobile Phone Information
• Multimedia files (photos taken by camera in real time, videos y audio)
• Room environment recording Stealth 100% in AMR format
• Call recording 100% stealth using AMR format
• Internet Navigation History in CSV format compatible with Microsoft Excel
• Battery Report
• Installed Applications list
• Capture: whatsapp/skype/Hotmail/gmail/facebook/twitter (requires rooted phones)

Compatible Models -

OS versions supported OS 2.3 and above
Samsung - Galaxy M Pro B7800, Galaxy Y Pro B5510, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S Ii Hd Lte, Galaxy S Ii Lte, Galaxy Tab 8 9 Lte, P6200 Galaxy Tab 7 0 Plus, P8600 Galaxy Tab 7 7, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Nexus, Captivate Glide, Doubletime, Exhibit Ii 4G, Galaxy S Ii At&T, Galaxy S Ii T Mobile, Galaxy Tab 8 9 3G, Galaxy W I8150, Galaxy Y S5360, I405 Stratosphere, M930 Transform Ultra, I405 Stratosphere, S5690 Galaxy Xcover, Galaxy S Ii Epic 4G Touch, R720 Admire, Conquer 4G, I9103 Galaxy R, Galaxy S Ii 4G, Galaxy Tab 10 1, Galaxy Tab 10 1 Lte, I9001 Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy Tab 10 1 3G, Exhibit 4G, Tab 8 9, P7100 Galaxy Tab 10 1V, Nexus S 4G, Nexus S I9020A, Nexus S I9023.
Acer - Liquid Express E320, Iconia Smart, Iconia Tab A101, Iconia Tab A100, Iconia Tab A500, Iconia Tab A501.
LG - Optimus Ex Su880, Optimus Lte Lu6200, Optimus Lte Su640, Doubleplay, Optimus Hub, Optimus Net, Optimus Pad.
Sony-Ericsson - Tablet P, Live With Walkman, I405 Stratosphere, Xperia Active, Xperia Neo V, Xperia Pro, Xperia Ray, Xperia Play.
Motorola - Moto Mt620, Droid Razr Xt912, Me632, Razr, Pro, Pro+, Atrix 2, Milestone Xt883, Spice Key Xt317, Defy+, Droid Bionic, Fire Xt, Fire Xt311, Fire Xt, Moto Mt870, Moto Xt882, Spice Key, Photon 4G Mb855, Droid 3, Xoom Mz604, Xoom Mz600.
HTC - Raider 4G, Sensation Xl,Evo Design 4G, Rhyme, Amaze 4G,Explorer, Sensation Xe, Jetstream, Status, Evo 3D, Optimus Net, Evo View 4G, Chacha, Salsa, Sensation 4G, Flyer, Flyer Wi Fi, Wildfire S, Desire S.
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